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Commercial Refuse Service recycling: Thank you for participating in our recycling program! We take all of our recyclables to Curbside Recycling INC. Therefore, we ask that you separate all of the materials into separate bins. The specifications are on the below.

We offer OCC (Old Corrugated Cardboard) recycling in large dumpsters to businesses. 

We also offer commercial recycling in addition to the residential recycling.

Newspapers, Magazines, & Junk Mail

We Accept:

  • Newspapers

  • Magazines

  • Junk Mail (remove plastic)

  • Paperback Books

  • Quality Paper

  • Shredded Paper

  • Telephone Books

We do not Accept:

  • Delivery Bags

  • Hardcover books

  • Kraft paper

  • Brown envelopes

  • Gift Wrap

  • Photographs

Glass Jars and Bottles

We Accept:

  • Green glass bottles

  • Brown glass bottles

  • Clear glass bottles and jars

We do not Accept:

  • Any glass that is not a bottle or jar

  • NO pyrex, plates, ceramics or light bulbs.

Corrugated Cardboard

We Accept:

  • Non-Glossy Cardboard

  • Unwaxed Cardboard

Please Flatten all boxes and remove packing paper and peanuts.

  • Put brown paper sacks with cardboard not newspaper

We do no Accept:

  • Glossy cardboard

  • Thicker Heavier cardboard

  • Waxed cardboard

Thank you for helping us reduce waste in our landfills.

Chip Board

We Accept:

  • Cereal/ Cracker boxes

    • (liners removed)​

  • Soda and Beer Containers​

  • Toilet paper rolls

  • Construction paper

  • Poster board

We do not Accept:

  • Milk/Juice cartons

  • Plastic Sacks

  • Waxy Chipboard

  • Chipboard with detergent residue

  • Gift wrap

Plastic #1, #2, #5

We Accept:

  • Solid #1, #2, #5 plastic containers

We do not Accept: 

  • Plastic bags from grocery stores

  • TV Dinner trays

  • "Blister"

    • Plastic salad vegetable and take out containers​

Aluminum cans

We Accept:

  • Any aluminum food or beverage cans​​

  • Steel cans, including paint cans and aerosol cans

Please remove and discard plastic lids

Rinse and drain food and beverage containers

We do not Accept: 

  • Aluminum Foil

  • Pie tins

  • Steel or aluminum scrap pieces

Thank you for separating your items!

Please use clean bins that are not falling apart and weigh no more than 40 pounds. Please use containers between 10-20 gallons. We have recycle bins that we can provide for $5.00 a piece that are yours to keep.